Daring to be powerful!

The art piece in the photo is not of my creation. It is of my collection… one of the treasures of my heart, hanging at the front door of our home.

It’s here, today, because I am struggling to find language of my own.

I am hypnotized by CNN. The words and the images. And, frankly, I am afraid.

You may recall my story of an idea I encountered as a seminary student, about to graduate, and take up – officially – the task of preaching. Just between us, it took me about 10 years to come around to the notion that language creates reality.

Then, I had to do some more learning to realize that images create reality, too. And, yes, I know that we’ve chatted about this recently, but, just now, it’s the best I’ve got.

Along, predictably, with a question.

What reality are you choosing to create? Or, to put it another way…

What does your soul most long to express in this moment? In this life?

I want to express hope. And peace. And justice. And so, along with my folk – some would say outsider – art flag, which is creating both linguistic and visual reality of these things I hold dear, I have a question to share with you.

Could you take the next four months to focus – not all day, every day, but with determination – on what YOUR soul longs to express?

What would that look like?

What would you need to learn, to do, to adjust, or to empower?

And what would the world be missing if you didn’t?

Plenty, I suspect!

I, myself, am amazed by the words that come next, and yet they are, in a very real way, proof of what they claim…

I can help you find your way!

Here’s what that would look like… We’d work together, with images and language, over four months, for the breakthrough you long for, guided by my 4 Step Soul Expression Breakthrough® process. (Translation… in four months, you get access to the most profound tools I’ve spent 40 years learning, all edited and organized just for you and your real life plan!)

If you’re still reading, I’m pretty sure you have questions and I’d love to spend some time answering them with you.

>>>Click Here<<< for access to my private schedule and find a time that will work for us to get together by phone or Zoom. Or, you can email me at suesvoice@gmail.com

You’ve already figured out what comes next:

This is how we build the future!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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