Contentment… really!

A tiny orange and black moth, not even as big as the end of my thumb, flaps her wings near the window as I write. I saw her twin while I was walking the frogyrinth, earlier.

The words to an old hymn echo deep inside me. I’ve got peace/love/joy like a river… in my soul. 

I’ve hummed along all weekend.

A new friend rests nearby while, outside, the ballet of Qigong active exercise goes on.

This is, in fact, my favorite movement. The one focused on contentment.

It’s mesmerizing.

And, I suspect, very counter-cultural.

There’s no money to be made in contentment.

Please hear me say that I’m not throwing stones. I grew up with a dad who fed his family with his skills in sales and marketing.

We didn’t so much watch TV when I was a kid, as we watched commercials.

And commercials are literally everywhere we look these days. All the time.

Which is worth a bit of noticing. And some wondering to go along with it.

How long has it been since many of us have felt content… even for a few moments?

And, the really big question:  How in the world do we help our kids and grandkids get a glimpse of what contentment feels like?

They’re not easy questions, I know.

I suspect, though, that the answer begins in becoming aware of our almost overwhelming tendency toward comparison.

Bigger. Stronger. Smarter. Faster. Prettier. Younger. Richer.

Well, you fill in the blanks…

And, maybe — just maybe — the answer has to do with valuing ourselves and each other as individuals instead of focusing on how we compare to everyone else.

Which is also a really good way to avoid more bullies and kids inclined to be victims of bullying!

It doesn’t have to be about being perfect.

(Or never shopping again!)

Just making a couple of shifts in the ways we talk about ourselves and each other.

And maybe creating a bit of peace/love/joy while we’re at it.

At least, that’s what the frog said!


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach