And more new things…

I am reminded today of the old true-ism that, while we can’t control everything happening around us, we can – at the very least – influence our responses. And, yes, I’ve been watching CNN again.

Frankly, I’m full up with Israel and Palestine blowing each other up and with notions that January 6 was just tourists at the Capitol. That our leaders are still kissing up to the former guy in the round room while criminal charges against him are likely and folks like me are looking up the definition for treason.

Well, you get the drift…

On to making choices… TV off, I learned a new thing! I made a GoFundMe campaign! (Sadly, my girls are busy doing things like field hockey and homework or it probably would have gone a lot faster!)

Why, you wonder, did I choose this moment to learn that thing?


Gloria was my summer intern from Columbia Theological Seminary, working in the crossroads between theology and art. She became active in the Intentional Creativity community and a part of our family.

This year wasn’t easy for her as an International student in the midst of the pandemic. Housing was in question. Food was scarce. (Fortunately, she likes soup!) And her family is in India.

Bill and I have helped. And we’ve reached the point where we need some other folks to help, too. You see, Gloria needs $5500 to finish paying her deposits at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Chicago. She got accepted to a PhD program in theology and art!

So, back to GoFundMe. I’m going to ask you to read the attached campaign. You’ll read Gloria’s words and a powerful endorsement from one of her professors.

Asking for financial help never gets easy. I’ve been there, too. I started Greek School at Columbia as a broke single mom with a 7-year old in tow. It was one of the best/hardest/best times in my life. And one of the things I remember most is that we all kept emergency food and fed whoever needed dinner. And other folks helped with grants and gifts and loans.

One day, Gloria will be helping someone else. For today, she needs us. And the world needs what she has to say!

So, please read the GoFundMe thing. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Here’s the answer to one of them. The deposits are due by June 15. Yep, 2021!

ps… as you might imagine, this will come up again in the next few weeks. I’ll ask you to hang in there with me. There’s also some more news coming!

pss… Yes, the painting is Gloria’s. It’s called Mother Earth and there is, indeed, a Red Thread running through it!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach