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When Bill and I were co-pastors of a new church development in the mid to late ’90’s, we had a deal. I preached on Fathers Day and he preached on Mothers Day. They’re not easy Sundays!

Ignoring for the moment that these are not technically religious holidays with biblical stories attached (especially Mothers Day!), they’re hard days for very many people.

I remember the stories so well. The parents who had lost, or never had, beloved children. Those who had lost parents since the last Hallmark holiday. Those whose children and grandchildren were struggling in the world. Those who lost children to HIV and violence  and drugs and cancer.

Today is, at least in the USA, Fathers Day.

My emotions run amok!

I am blessed with a husband who is a good and kind and caring father.

My son is also a good and kind and caring father.

I miss my dad.

I feel for the women in my family, and across the world, who knew or know men who are not good and kind and caring.

There is much to be done!

This year, however, neither of us is preaching, and as much as I cherish that part of my calling, I’m also called to admit that this is not entirely a bad thing.

Instead, a fast trip to the hardware store for (maybe, just maybe) a fig tree, and a gallon of white paint, as directed by my new buddy, Barry, at

Noodle for lunch, complete with fortune cookies!

Hopefully, time to chat with the kid-dad who just might find a break from coaching whatever matters to his girls this week and tossing something fish-y on the grill.

And the blessing of knowing that when we get a minute to talk about some hard stuff  in the next few days, that same kid-dad will take time to listen.

And hug the girls for me.

By next week, I’ll be there with live and in person hugs. It doesn’t get much better than that! (Well, maybe a heap of crabs on a table covered with newspaper, too!)

Not to mention red thread and sparkly paint and swim practice and a bit of really good chocolate wrapped in something gluten-free. Check back for the recipes!

For tonight, a few more buttons and Ana Marina (Our Lady of Living Waters) will be done! Watch for the update!!!

Blessings where you are!

(And the fig tree, it seems, will be happier planted in the fall. Maybe we’ll have another holiday!)





Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
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