According to plan…

If all goes according to plan, my kids will be here at this time in one week!

I never imagined what a big thing it would be – what a whole consciousness thing – to write this sentence.

It feels very big, indeed.

Half the adults are fully vaccinated. The other half are half-way there. The girls are too young.

I am, as you might imagine, thrilled. It’s been over a year since I’ve hugged my girls. One of them has had a birthday. The other has had two. And they’re in the tween/early teen phase when they change from moment to moment.

I have changed, too. Frankly, I’m scared. I mean, they’ll have to stop and put gas in the car. What if one of those people who doesn’t believe Covid is a big deal works at the gas station? They can’t drive clear from Virginia without food. What if somebody coughs on their sandwich?

And they’ve started back to actual school part time. Talk about another 9 million what if’s !

Then I watch the news, especially just now in Atlanta, and remind myself that there are always what if’s. We’re just not always quite so aware of them.

A couple of my heroes helped me remember the big picture this morning. You see, The Rev. Dr. William L. Barber and Senator Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock were speaking the Word.

Specifically, Dr. Barber was reminding us that God’s plan, God’s theology, is All Theology.

I won’t spoil it all for you here. I will share this link so you can join in yourself. You are, in fact, invited!

And I’ll also confess that, as I listened and watched virtually, I couldn’t help but remember that, despite my fears about my kids and traveling and Covid, I have had a lot of social advantages in dealing with those fears and with the possibility of becoming a pandemic statistic.

And we need to keep working on making those advantages available to everybody. Just turn on CNN and pick your issue. Then, in whatever way it works for you and your beliefs, think what the world would be like if we all heard Dr. Barber reminding us that, “God’s way is everybody in. Nobody out.”

And what would happen next if we acted, and voted, on that belief?

So, having sat, figuratively, in the pew at Ebenezer Baptist Church for the first time in about 30 years, in the midst of what feels like mountains of laundry and trying to figure out how to fit four more people amongst the easels, I’m making prayer dots.

I know. No surprise!

It really helps. When I pray with my eyes and ears and hands and heart, there’s less room for what if’s. There’s less room for fear.

And there’s more room for all.

Then, when I take a break from the dots, I’ll do what Grammies have done for centuries. I’ll check recipes and make grocery lists for Grampy to take shopping. I’ll wash the flannel sheets. I’ve even ordered garden seeds in case they want to help plant.

And, good friends willing, I’m sending the beasties off for a bath. It has been more than a bit longer than optimal.

One of my favorite things about our kids is that they’re really good at figuring things out.

It’s entirely likely that I’ll cry the whole time they’re here, with the relief and joy of it all. And they’ll love me anyway, if I do. Though I probably ought to put Kleenex on the next grocery list!

I’m also pretty sure painting will be involved. We’ll make some dots for you and yours. They’ll look a lot like stars in the sky.

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach