A whole new level of #w-i-p!

In the land of Intentional Creativity® it’s work-in-progress Wednesday.

Traditionally, all Wednesdays are #wip days. We share photos and stories of what we’re working on, ask questions, support each other, and get inspired.

Today, our tradition took on a whole new layer of meaning for me.

Given weather fronts and varying joint and muscle issues, I was looking for some work I could do sitting down.

My #Matrica painting volunteered, which was great because the canvas is just the right size for working on my wheel-y table, sitting in my very best chair.

A brain-child of Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud, #Matrica has to do with claiming an end to a global age of male domination of the Divine Feminine.

And, yes… I’ve gone to meddlin’! Hang with me, though – you are, indeed, able to choose!

Officially, the adventure began on December 30, with a whole lot about stars and mycelium. (Read that mushrooms!)

I’ve worked in bits and pieces, waiting for the her I knew would appear to begin whispering in my ear.

Then there’s the whole notion of context, which you’ve no doubt noticed is a big thing around here.

Frankly, the current context is a bigger deal for my journey than even I imagined. I’m doing my dead level best here to be neutral when I say that painting #Matrica while watching CNN, at this moment in American history, has been a challenge.

Now, clearly, I could push the button and make CNN disappear, externally. The challenge lies in the inner issues bubbling up for me with my two girls growing up in this world.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of room on my canvas for prayer dots!

The question became what, exactly, to pray.

Obviously, I started with HOPE!

Say the word. Move my hand. See the dot. Hope… hope… hope.

Whole person praying. It really works for me. (Even for the once upon a time scrub nurse who still lurks inside me!)

I needed more help, though, with the specific prayer part!

Index cards were in order. Used ones. Three of them, to be exact. Stashed – intentionally – in a special box, filled with tiny bottles of #RosaMystica essential oils I’ve been journeying with this past year.

It was a new sort of adventure for me, but I was curious, and finding my way until until we got to the part of the path focused on the oil of Compassion.

At that point, I – The Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother – felt lost. I fretted and fumed and, honestly, questioned pretty much everything.

Then, early one morning, Grandmother Moon got chatty.

My way forward, she insisted, was to learn to pray for a particular person who shall remain nameless. One I really didn’t much want to pray for.

And, I did learn. (And wrote what I learned on the index cards I reached for today.)

I won’t bore you – or take away your chance to learn – with the details!

Let’s just say that what I needed, nearly a year ago, to learn to pray for that particular person was exactly what I needed to pray in the context of this day, too.

It’s a little more neurologically complicated than Hope. Dot. Hope. Dot…

My painting and I have made huge progress, though… even though there’s not much to see, yet.

Somewhere, Matrica is smiling.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll survive what’s next on CNN. (Though I wouldn’t turn down some progress there, too!)

Oh! One more thing… that prayer?

I’m pretty sure it’s one all of us could use from time to time.

Which might just be a whole new #w-i-p kind of thing! I’m just sayin’!

ps… yes! There’s still time to get in on the #Matrica video journey! Just click here for instant access! No experience necessary!!!

pps… curious about the oils? That journey starts again, soon. Take a deep breath… and Find out more!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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