A New Holiday!

Hi! It’s me, Sarah.

We are celebrating a new holiday at our house… National Grateful for Dog Aunties Day!

Let’s be real… it takes a flock of Dog Aunties to keep a herd of Newfoundlands like us loved and cared for. (I suspect this may be true for your crowd, as well, be they 2-footed or 4-footed!)

We have lots of Aunties. Auntie Barb, who goes on walks with us. Auntie Karen who helps us stay healthy. (And sometimes sticks needles in me and hooks them to the little buzzy box.) And Auntie Kate and Auntie Gill who run the magical place called Camp.

I’m not always so thrilled with the needles business but it’s much nicer on my very own rug with Mom giving me treats than it would be otherwise.

Today we got a new Auntie. Well, I did. Phoebe and Luther were a little jealous.

Auntie Maren came to visit and she got down on my special rug with me too. She hugged me a lot and made things move in my bones that needed something called adjusting. I really, really liked the hugging part and Mom did her job with the treats so I think this could be a good thing.

We had to give Luther and Phoebe treats, too, when we were done, even though all they did was lay in the hall while I did all the work.

Mom’s trying to help me move around better without giving me too many of the things called pills. I’m not sure what pills are. I do know they come inside chicken hearts, which is cool, but Mom says I can still have chicken hearts with fewer pills in them.

If she thinks that’s good, she’s probably right.

Then Auntie Maren asked Mom about some of her paintings. Mom said that the thing she calls Intentional Creativity is kind of a way to adjust feelings and thoughts and dreams, just like Auntie Maren adjusted me.

Also, we’re supposed to keep eating really good food, which I totally agree with! Our supper is warming up on the counter right now! (Phoebe and Luther heard this, too, and were very excited!)

I also like blogging and I’m so glad I got a turn today. Mom says it’s cool that even though the Hallmark people (whoever they are) don’t have cards for National Grateful for Dog Aunties Day yet, we get to tell lots of people about it because I’m such a good blogger!

Mom also says she has to go watch CODEX paint videos before she can fix supper so I’m supposed to tell you about the special link she’s adding at the bottom of my blog so that you could find an Intentional Creativity Teacher near where you live. I think that’s a good idea. We like helping people paint! And Mom’s in the directory, too!

For now, though, I’m going to get a nice nap before supper. Getting adjusted can make you sleepy!

Love to you all, Sarah

Special Link! 



Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
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