A letter from Scan Camp!

Dear heart behind the hand that holds the paint brush…

You know that story about the time you got accidentally taken to the wrong summer camp and it was very scary trying to find your people?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that I am here, safely, exactly the way you planned it!

Barry and the rest of the counselors here at Scan Camp seem nice and fun. And there are LOTS of other campers here. Big painting kids. A few even bigger than I am! Small painting kids. Machines humming and spitting out very cool art.

There’s air-conditioning here, which seems like a really good thing just now. I’m not sure sweating is good for paintings!

Also, Barry said to assure you that there’s no poison ivy here! Or alligators!!!

One of the counselors was asking all of us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Lots of the paintings didn’t know. I was glad I know that I’m going to be a book cover! Everybody thought that was cool. And I was really glad that I can be a book cover and hang on our wall!

Here’s another cool thing about this camp… we’re all welcome! It’s not about fitting in or matching or even being recognizable. Everybody gets to be who they are.

One of the counselors asked me about the purple flower-y symbol you added, over my head. She wondered what it meant and I knew the answer!

I told her it came from your story about filters and explained that it’s my Map of Reality – the part of me that “decides” what gets in through the filters and what what gets blocked out.

She asked if she could have one, too, and I told her she already does, even if she hasn’t seen it yet. I sure hope I can help more people learn about that!

For now, though, it’s time for something called Campfire. Barry says it’s an old thing we do in a special way here. No actual fire. Just a painting of one! And music!

That’s when I really started missing you. We have Joan Baez and Peter, Paul & Mary here, too. Just like home! And, I already know all the words to all the songs!

One of my favorites is We Shall Overcome!

Is that why you sing when you paint? Like a reminder of things that matter? Things like Peace? And taking action? That makes sense to me!

After Campfire time, it was time for bed. Some of us were whispering after lights out and one of the paintings asked me if I was scared in that new place.

I showed her the line you call unavoidable tragedy and explained that we all have scary things and we can learn how to go on and learn new things. And then I whispered that I was pretty sure that’s what we were singing about in We Shall Overcome.

For tonight, I’m going to sleep. But, in case there’s anybody reading along who needs a reminder…

ps… I know I’m just a painting, but I wanted you to know I’m all in on the peace and justice thing. Choice and sanity, too!!!

pps… maybe this is why you added that alabaster jar to our painting… to ask our ancestors who get this whole mess to help. I’m glad you did!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach