A Blend-y Sort of Wednesday

You know that good kind of tired, when you really want to put your feet up and appreciate the things that got done?

Today is one of those days at our house.

It’s more probable than it was that the plumbing issue is actually fixed.

My afternoon paint peep and I got a lot done. We were practicing the fine art of blending. Toning down sharp edges where they don’t serve a purpose. Getting clear about what we’re trying to accomplish. The miracle of integrating glazes, also known as the big, scary kind.

And a bit of learning about which paint goes where, in which layer. And why the ratty looking, stiff little brushes are so handy. These are all very helpful things to know!

They’re not the only helpful things to know, but they are — literally and metaphorically — near the top of the list.

More blending is happening in the kitchen.

Leftover bones from our Christmas turkey. A package of turkey paws from one of my favorite farmers. Cold, filtered water. And a good slug of apple cider vinegar, “with the mother”.

We’re still in the sitting phase.

Next comes heat. And, eventually, skimming. Lots of skimming.

This is big batch broth, in the old-fashioned magical cauldron, complete with the spigot at the bottom so nobody has to lift it when it’s full.

Then, onions. Garlic. Thyme and rosemary from the garden. And about 16 hours worth of very gentle simmering guaranteed to have all three Newfies camped eagerly in the kitchen, having totally forgotten the five pounds of raw food they just snarfed down an hour ago!

It hasn’t been the kind of day that, in and of itself, is going to change the world.

It has been the kind of day that makes things that matter, even though they seem small, better and better.

For now, it’s time to turn the stove on and wait for the bubbles to begin.

And give thanks for blend-y magic!



Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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