New batteries for the magic wand!

Heresy alert!!!

I have come to the conclusion that the only thing scarier than change is NO change!

Yep… I know. That’s not the way many of us learned it.

And, just between us, this is a pretty big topic at our house.

Let’s just say that the Legendary Husband and I have differing notions of same and different!

He has strong same strategies for food. And seemingly random patterns of time. (Except for Saturday nights… and Dragon Con!)

My journey feels different. At least to me.

It’s kind of an internal/external dynamic.

When I’m processing internal stuff – often on a non-conscious level – my powers of avoiding change kick in. I just don’t have the energy for external newness.

Then, when an inner ah-hah comes, I often need external change to support my new perceptions and goals and visions.

And, if I were to come totally clean, I’m pretty sure we both consider each other as oddly random. (Which is an issue for another day!)

For today, it’s memory lane time. Specifically, Eckerd College in about 1986 for one of my favorite quotes of all time:

In order to learn we must be willing to be changed.

I hear you! It does feel scary at first glance.

And yes, if it were my voice in these days, my inner red ink persona might go with:

In order to learn we must make space for change to find us.

Let’s just say that I did and I am. Which seems to take lots less energy than resisting does!

And, yes… it takes practice!

Here’s my best tip…

Carrot is easier than stick!

And company helps!

Which reminds me of a scene from The West Wing.

I’ve been down the Change hole a lot! And I have a whole Medicine Basket full of ways to make it work!

It’s going to take a whole lot of us to squeeze hope out of the world in this moment. If you could use a Fiercely Compassionate Rebel Grandmother who’s been there before, let’s talk! 45 min. My gift. Just summon the calendar elves to find you some time!

And, just in case you’re feeling skeptical… the very writing of these words, in this moment, made space for the next steps on my path to appear!!! With apologies to the exclamation point conservation fairy, it’s really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps… did you notice all those triangles on Grandmother Moon’s head? That’s our secret code for change!

pps… ready for a safe mini-step forward??? How about Super Power Leggings??? Five size ranges and they travel great! Intention really does matter!!! Buy two pairs – any size – any design, and save with code BUY 2 – SAVE $8

Surprise! I like choosing… aka, Legend, part next.

Okay, maybe not so much a surprise, if you’ve been reading along for a bit.

And, true!

It happened like this…

Grandmother Moon has been doing her job, whispering in my ear.

And, yes… she’s whispering about paint.

Sadly, the actual world hasn’t been listening.

Instead, my local universe is obsessed with sewer pipes. Specifically, putting new ones in the pocket park next to our yard.

Imagine the entire percussion section of the least inspired band ever invading all your senses…


The noise is bad enough. The shaking house is even more unsettling. Not just the floors, but dishes in the cupboards and paintings on the walls.

Even the Legendary Husband is rattled. And he has superhuman powers of not noticing!

Still… it was time to paint.

Grandmother Moon had a suggestion.

Do what works!

So, a search through some old paint supplies. Blessedly, something known as a pouncing brush remained from a long ago experiment with painting furniture.

Instead of stroking the paint on the canvas, this tool, with its drum-like end, is for tapping the paint on the canvas. Think woodpecker!

With a bit of practice, I actually managed to tap in time with the construction symphony!

Admittedly, it doesn’t look like much yet. And, it’s on the way!

Eventual art, even in the midst of sensory chaos.

Which is, I suspect, the way most art happens… when making it matters more to the spirit than hiding does.

So, hope… hope… hope… hope… hope…

And trust… trust… trust… trust… trust…

Along with some a-bun-dance… a-bun-dance… a-bun-dance…

And even ov-er-com-ing!


Stay tuned!

For now, the teeth-rattling pounding has stopped and I feel a nap coming on, while the paint dries!

ps… my inner camera-phobe survived a video interview today! Subject… a recent book! turning point is about exactly that – amazing women sharing huge turning points in their lives! It is em-power-ing reading. Pun intended! (The cover art is mine, as well!) Get yours here!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach