Disc full!

Yes, this is the message the elves in my laptop keep sending.

A message which, frankly, terrifies me. I mean, it can’t be good, can it???

My first response was a reflexive, AAAACCCKKK!

My second response was, DUH!!!

I moved on, fairly typically for me, to distraction. To something I know how to do.

Yep, the aforementioned game of closet Yahtzee!

The Legendary Husband, aka the resident tech expert, is – much to my dismay – not a Mac person.

He does move closet shelves and stacks of stuff! And we have lots of that to do.

It’s helping! In its own way.

Not quite enough, though, to drown out the tune playing somewhere deep in my consciousness.

So, a couple of nights ago, I tried to make the disc happier.

I trashed a whole bunch of emails from the jungle of file folders in my virtual world. (I’ll pause while you laugh!)

Turns out, that wasn’t an entirely resourceful strategy!

First, it threw out things I didn’t mean to throw out, leading – as you probably guessed – to more anxiety!

Second, turns out that emails don’t live on the disc. They live in the cloud. And moving them didn’t change the temper tantrum the disc elves are having.

On to strategy B. (Which probably would have been better as strategy A!)

Questions!!! I’m good at those…

And my tech buddy, Veronica, is good at answers!

So, the wandering emails – the ones I feel like I need – are back.

And, the gizmo in the photo has magically appeared at my door.

The singing in my head has calmed down enough for me to notice the metaphorical irony in this story.

Like my closets and tech challenges, the current political nonsense feels both utterly unexpected and strangely predictable, depending on what sort of backstories are stashed in our personal maps of reality.

Blessedly, those maps can be edited!

Here’s what I’ve penciled into mine…

Ignoring the desperate threats to the America we deserve isn’t going to work.

You and I can’t do it all, but we CAN do many things!

An important thing we can do is be intentionally INTENTIONAL!

It doesn’t happen all in a moment. There’s a reason a typical Intentional Creativity® painting journey has about 13 different steps!

Step one is scrawling an actual intention – in words – on a big blank canvas which generally feels both terrifying and exciting.

It’s also kind of comforting, in the sense that there are 12 more layers to come and nobody will actually see the often non-artsy, self-revealing place where you started, by the time you’re done.

Step two, at least in my world, is often about release.

Big, spashy random strokes of the brush. And water. Lots of it. Tears, perhaps. Drips.

It’s cathartic. And freeing. And, if you’re anything like me, it helps. A lot!

By now, we have – amazingly – begun!

There’s more, of course. And, if you’re interested in the literal paint bit, I can help! In fact, stay tuned!

For now, please be gentle with yourself, where you are.

Shaming and blaming never helps!

And give yourself permission to experiment with ideas.

What COULD you do, in this moment, to claim your beliefs – your voice – around sovereignty and power for change?

Then, check back Sunday, because there are two more questions after that. Big, important ones!

Because ALL the littles are counting on us!

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Best laid plans… and a few ah-ha’s!

I had a plan for this weekend! (Uh-huh!)

It was inspired by my friend, Sam Bennett, who suggested that those of us involved in the adventure known as Get It Done Lab experiment with reclaiming our weekends!

Feeling inspired, I enlisted the Legendary Husband to help.

Originally, the plan involved comfort and abundance. Specifically, the local, sustainably raised turkey napping in our freezer since Thanksgiving fell apart last fall!

Bill loves turkey. It’s a great example of cook once – eat a whole lot of times! It has welcome side effects of gravy and bone broth. And, it makes the house smell really, really good.

Then, Grandmother Moon got involved, too, with an urgent plan for a game of closet Yahtzee!

Yesterday was planning and measuring day. And excavating the basement for a missing closet rod!

Today, we began. You know the game… before you can move that thing there, you have to move those things somewhere else…

Trust me when I tell you we’re nowhere near ready for pictures!

As I write these words, Big Bird is thawing in the fridge, preparing for dry brining which begins tomorrow. We’re cooking on Monday. (I’m not in much of a fireworks mood!)

My plan for tonight involved telling you a lot more about the fine dining adventure.

One of these days, I’ll post pictures and a recipe or two.

For this moment, though, my filters are in some massive transition mode as I continue to cope with the news.

Some of those filters – which work hard to keep us from being utterly inundated with input from our senses and the world – have to do with history and language and beliefs and strategies.

As you probably know, one of my self-soothing strategies is The West Wing.

Last night I was watching an episode having to do with the tragic, traumatic fall of a democracy, somewhere in Africa.

Then, frankly, I got gobsmacked, as it were, by a lightbulb in my head. Here’s what I wrote on my perpetually present index card:

Rape is wrong because it takes away bodily sovereignty and civil rights. So is overturning Roe… and even flirting with the notion of limiting access to contraception.

Which suggests, at least to me, that most of the Supreme Court justices have lost all notion of justice. Or, and I find this more likely, that justice was never their purpose in sitting on that bench.

Then, today… and this was even more traumatic than my West Wing revelation… I was watching a re-run of the recent Westminster Kennel Club dog show as I painted more lights and shadows on my #BoldBlooms canvas.

The commentators and handlers were chatting, as they do. And I was hearing familiar things like this, but with new ears.

She throws gorgeous puppies, already strengthening the breed.

She’s a stunning girl who’s doing so much for me in this sport.

Now, I’ve belonged to a variety of kennel clubs in my day. I’ve handled. And entered. I helped my kid learn Junior Showmanship. And there are still a few active judges and breeders and handlers that I knew back in the day.

For the last 20 years, or so, it’s been rescue dogs at our house. That’s Sarah, in the photo.

Not at all likely to have won any hardware in a breed ring, but well-intentioned in an utterly unique sort of way. And one of my biggest teachers.

This morning, though, I heard with new ears.

The conversation at Westminster has a whole lot in common with what the Supreme Court is saying – in barely veiled language – about the role of women and girls.

And, just in case you hadn’t guessed… I DISSENT!

My girls are not trophies designed to make their “handlers” feel powerful and important.

They’re not brood animals created to carry on superior lines of the way we’ve always done it.

And neither are any of our girls.

This mess isn’t just bad law. It’s really, really bad theology and philosophy.

This is a glimpse of what it looks like to celebrate self and choice…

It’s not a prize to be won.

It’s what it means to be human.

And we ALL deserve that!

Which is, I suspect, re-claiming a whole lot more than our weekend… plus turkey!

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach